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How the UFSGrid Economy Works

UFSGrid features rich and diverse economical options for all members to use and enjoy for the purchasing or selling of goods and services from other members, and from UFSGrid itself. Using the Support Portal, members are able to access their account information and add funds to their account using PayPal, a trusted and secure third party payment site. Premium members will have the option to use those funds to purchase in-world credits, which can then be exchanged for goods and services from in-world vendors, or via our web-based marketplace. Alternatively, Members may also use the funds in their account balance on the website to purchase membership add-ons, such as premium membership, inventory upgrades, group upgrades, or even lease land, and other offers as they become available. Free (non premium) members will have the option to purchase in-world credits from premium members and vendors who wish to sell at an exchange rate negotiated between affected parties.

Buying and Selling

Members who wish to sell goods or services will have the option to do so with a Premium Membership, and a Vendors Package add-on. This allows members to offer their wares with no commissions to UFSGrid both in-world, and through the web-based marketplace once it is available. Goods and services could be anything that the members agree upon, which does not violate any laws or rules as outlined in the UFSGrid Terms of Service. Land may not be leased or rented out to members using the Vendors Package, this package is only for goods or services such as content created in-world (e.g. scripts, objects/builds, Avatar accessories, etc). Land may be bought from UFSGrid by Premium members only, using their account balance in the Support Portal, and may be rented out to non-premium members if the land owner has purchased the Landlord Package add-on, which allows them to rent or lease "property" in-world to non-premium members for no additional commissions or fees to UFSGrid.

Premium Members who wish to refund their in-world currency back to their Account Balance in the Support Portal have the option of doing so at an exchange terminal in-world for a return fee which is pre-set by UFSGrid.

Vending and Stores

Web Vending

The web based marketplace for vending items is not quite ready for discussion, however more information will be added to this section as the economy becomes realized and developed.

Premium members who have purchased the Vendors add-on will be given access to sell their goods and services via our web based marketplace to all members once it is available.

In-World Vending

Official UFSGrid vendors will be located within the Nexus Array in-world. There you will find many goods and services that UFSGrid provides to members, as well as third party (user managed) vendors selling their wares as well. This location will be one of the two locations for refunding in-world currency back to a premium member account balance. The only other location for refunding in-world funds will be in the Q Continuum megaregion.

Vendors wishing to place their wares within the Nexus Array are invited to file a support request which will be reviewed and answered by the UFSGrid Administration. UFSGrid retains the right to be selective about which vendors are allowed to sell in UFSGrid owned land, and will excercise that right when considering such requests. Some of the considerations in such a request may include, but not be limited to:

  • Is the member in good standing with UFSGrid?
  • Is the requestor a Premium member?
  • What content is being offered?

Premium Add-On Packages

Banks / Brokerages


Vendors Package