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Step 1

The first thing you need to do is to create your account. You can do this in 2 different ways

Under the tab that says: Member Area, you have "Register Account" Clicking that will enable you to create a new account

  • B)You want to transfer your Second Life Account. This is also possible. In order to do this you simply have to click the box set up in UFS Pinastri Colony.

This will direct you to the website where you simply need to follow the instructions.

Step 2

Now that your account is created, you will need to download a viewer. There are many open source viewers available. Some well known are:

 - NOTE: the Firestorm Second Life release is not suggested, and may be denied.
 - UFSGrid Recommends a v3 compatible client, such as Firestorm, to access UFSGrid.

Simply download the program, save it to your hard drive and run the installer when prompted. This will also make a short cut on your desktop.

Step 3

Now that you have the viewer, which is basically the same as the Second Life viewer you're almost set.
If you're using Firestorm Version 4.3 or later, skip to Step 4 as UFSGrid is already in the Grid Manager.

Click the viewer icon to start...

  • Click "Edit" on the top of your screen and open the "Preferences" (you can also click CONTROL-P for that)
  • When you open the Preferences, you will see a set op TABS on the left side
  • Select the General TAB
  • At the top-right you will see a button "Grid Manager" -> Click it :-)
  • Since UFSGrid is not yet in the list you will need to add it manually
  • Click the "add" button and name the Grid UFSGrid
  • Under that you will see "Login URI" and copy/paste the following in the box ( ) without the ( )
  • Press "Get Grid info"
  • Make sure, for easy access that you press the "Default" button. That way UFSGrid will always come up first in the list
  • Click the "Apply" button to save your preferences

Step 4

Now you can login with your login name and password If you didn't click the Default Grid Button, make sure that UFSGrid is selected as Grid. If not you will get an error that the username/password are wrong.

For more information about starting your viewer with parameters, see Client Parameters