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Below is a listing of known issues on the grid and any potential ways to fix it. Please note that this list is not exhaustive and may not fully represent every issue that may be on the grid. Should you encounter any issues, please file a support ticket at so that it can be looked at. Depending on the issue an immediate resolution may be provided, or if found to be impacting the grid added to this list while a resolution is worked on.

Login Issues Occasionally you may crash upon trying to login into the grid. This generally creates a general error message. Please try logging in again and it should go through on the second attempt. Should it not go through, please change the login location to "Home" or "Q Continuum" and try again. Please note that some times upon logging in on Firestorm that the viewer crashes and generates this error message: ERROR: LLInitialWearablesFetch::processContents: ASSERT (mComplete.size() != 0). This has been reported to Firestorm already and is intermittent. FIRE-9559

Group creation/editing. Any groups created or changed does not apply to the grid. A resolution is being worked on and at last check was working on a test region.
Order page on support portal generates an error message and doesn't display. Working on finding the root cause for a resolution.
Creating/Rezzing prims/objects within hollowed objects. OpenSim issue that has been reported, and worked on. Mantis0007727 ***UFSGrid currently does not operate on the 0.9.xxxx release of OpenSim which may resolve this issue.
Issue with Cameras resetting to previous view upon standing when scripted to change view while sitting Issue reported to OpenSim as it effects other OpenSim's. "In OpenSim, the camera (and avatar when unsit) is reverted back to the previous state, in SecondLife the camera and the avatar aswell, is facing the set Camera Direction." Mantis0007532