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Appearance of a users in-world Avatar is one great way that one can express themselves, or look like their favorite creatures, races, or other unique ideas! While this article will not go in to how to create clothing, textures, and such, it is intended to provide reference for steps to render the avatar appearance properly.

    • I have just logged in to the grid for the first time and I appear as a cloud.
      • Upon loading the grid for the first time, or after clearing your cache, it may take some time to download all of the images, environment, and properly render for you. Many modern games use loading screens, advertisements, and other diversions to prevent users from seeing this but, in OpenSim, users see the world as it unfolds - and renders - around them.
    • Okay, I have waited for a bit and I am still a cloud
      • Try to rebake textures. This can typically be done in most PC viewers by pressing CTRL + ALT + R. Give up to 3 minutes to load your appearance, if that does not work, go to the next step. Otherwise, congratulations! You have rebaked your textures!
      • If you could not get rebaking to resolve your issue, here is how to typically make your avatar visible:
        • Open your Inventory window
        • Create new body parts -> Skin, Shape, Hair, and Eyes
          • You can name them something appropriate like "blank avatar skin", shape, hair, or eyes.
        • Wear your newly created skin, shape, hair, and eyes.
        • Wait a few minutes, you should appear as a blank avatar, typically completely white. You can go from this point try on your previous body parts, or head to your favorite shopping destination (such as Q Continuum) and get some new bits to wear.
    • I was going about my business and I suddenly derendered (partially, or in whole)
      • Rebake, and wait. If that does not work, go to another sim and try to rebake.
      • If rebaking does not work, clear your viewer's cache and log out, then in again. (Preferences, Network & Cache)

If nothing above helps your appearance woes, please feel free to contact the UFSGrid Mentors, or file a Support Ticket at the Support Portal. If you are interested in creating new skins, clothing, or other wearables, there are many great tutorials available on the internet and at YouTube. Just search for how to create (insert item here) for Second Life, or for OpenSim, etc.