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UFSGrid General RolePlay Rules..... United Federation of Sci-Fi Grid (UFSGrid) is a Science Fiction themed 3D role-play environment game, please read our rules completely. Ignorance of the rules will not be considered as an excuse for inappropriate behavior in the grid. By logging into the grid you have already agreed to abide by our rules and the decisions of the Grid Administrator (aka "Q Continuum”). We reserve the right to share IM conversations regarding moderation issues where it is needed.
All sims (Colonies, Planets, Empires), must follow these rules and environment rules as this set of rules “are” part of the UFSGrid Terms of Service (TOS).


The landing point for UFSGrid is located in Q Continuum. This area is a MERCHANT area and a WELCOME area and although is a fully immersive RP area, it is a non combat zone. The Welcome Center is designated for e-commerce, information, a welcoming area, and for users to customize their avatars. Certain RP rules do NOT apply for this area. For example...a killed user can walk around freely in the Welcome Center.

So far, the official payment options for commercial content vendors are:

1) COMING SOON!! We are working hard on this to provide the best options for content, and content creators while preserving our reputation of being a secure place for commercial vendors to sell their wares!
2) Buying on SL, or another grid, and delivering on UFSGrid. (as a Merchants option). This is at your own risk.
3) Negotiable for land purchases and membership options, contact Ares Q
OOC markets, real shops, or sky malls are not allowed on Main land. We setup a separate region for merchants


Mentors:Also called Mentors Users with admin rights in several areas of the grid. The Helpers can lead you through the grid basics, info and locations, as well to add you into the open builds or keep to fight sim groups.
Q Continuum: Owners, Admins and developers of UFSGrid As the official groups may perform OOC task in RP zones, the group Tag must be activated when on duty as "mandatory".
Whenever possible, please address issues with the appropriate sim admin. in the first instance. They are best equipped to handle your issue in an efficient and timely manner. Role-play issues may also be addressed to the specific world role-play moderators group in the first instance, who have the full confidence of the admin team to resolve them appropriately.


  • UFSGrid is run by a group called "Q Continuum" to solve scaled issues that cant be solved by the sims admins. We are here to help.
  • Each sim (or region if you own more than 1) is recommended to have 2 admins and 4 moderators. This is to help keep open communication for all on the sim and also with the Q Continuum. Add the List of moderators in the Covenant or about info of your Land.
  • If no moderator is available online, you may call upon any member of the Q Continuum.
  • The Q Continuum is in charge of the complaint department, no one is immune to complaints. Even admins and mods can have complaints against themselves. If the complaints have merit and the admin/mod has lots of complaints about them,the Q Continuum will resolve the issue.
  • If users disturb the Q Continuum for needless drama they will be warned 3 times and may be banned for 1 week from the whole Grid... not from a single sim. Further action may ensue as the Q Continuum sees fit in these situations.


  • Have fun, no drama. Your character may be pompous, but when resolving disputes Out of Character, the keywords are RESPECT, CALM & COMPROMISE.
  • All Users on UFSGrid must wear appropriate thematic clothes deemed by the sim they are playing in.
  • OOC markets, real shops, or sky malls are not allowed on Main land. We setup a separate region for merchants, as a centralized shopping area. This also helps in reduce lag. The only markets allowed outside the welcome center are those in-character markets to promote good rp. The Q Continuum is dedicated to helping you be successful. If you have an idea to propose in regards to this rule, please contact the support team.
  • Child avatars are not allowed in UFSGrid, However no child play or other ilegal actions are allowed within UFSGrid and will be met with strict disciplinary actions including but not limited to account bans on the grid.


  • All sims (regions) can be modified to your own preferences.
  • All sims need to be of a Sci-Fi or fantasy nature.
  • The Sims owners can build at will over their sims respecting the environment and zone location.
  • Sim owners, admins, and moderators are not “Gods”. However, that said, they are the ones leasing the regions and sims you play on. Sim owners ultimately have the right to make decisions about their regions and who plays on them, following the Terms of Service and their own set Sim Covenant/Rules.

NOTE: This is a game to have fun and enjoy. Each sim owner and group owner invests money and a lot of time to build and recruit members for their sims / groups. The Q Continuum will do it's best to protect the rights of all members, but also the sim owners. Any violations of the UFSGrid Terms of Service, or these Role Play Rules should be reported to the appropriate administration.