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Documentation about the UFSGrid Office.

The UFSGrid Office gives you an email for your "virtual life" and an interface for managing groups.

UFSGrid Office is provided by a Zimbra System and contains email, disitrubtion lists, calendar, tasks and a Briefcase. The calendar can be used to create events and send your entire group an invitation, which they then can accept or decline. The Briefcase has the functionality to share files between your group.

The working: When you register for UFSGrid, the UFSGrid Office account is automaticaly created. You can then login on the interface on: UFSGrid Office With as username: firstname.lastname@im.ufsgrid.com (plain firstname.lastname will also work) And your UFSGrid Password.

Every group you join InWorld will automaticaly let you join the distribution list in the UFSGrid Office. As a sidenote, groups are only created when they have 5 or more members.

By default everyone can send you email on your UFSGrid Office Email account, and you will receive a notification on your REAL email when you have new messages. You can disable this feature in the Settings tab on the UFSGrid Office.

Premium Members have a little more then free ones. They can enable email forwarding to their real email address. The UFSGrid Office quota for premiums is also more then free members.