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Welcome to the UFSGrid Wiki!

This wiki is intended to provide helpful information to users on a broad variety of topics related to the grid and its use. The Wiki is a living project meant for community involvement, meaning all UFSGrid members are invited to write articles, helpful how-to's, and other helpful information. At present there are only a few contributors, so some articles may need content added or updated. If you are not interested in writing in the wiki and notice these things, you can still be of help by submitting a request for an update using the UFSGrid Support Ticket system.

We are counting on the community to help us fill in this Wiki, guide it's direction, and offer constructive feedback so that as we continue to grow we keep the end users perspective in mind. We the admins will also provide useful topics here as we get the time to do so.

Please do NOT use vulgar language of any kind, or create faulty pages or procedures.

This Wiki will be monitored closely, and UFSGrid Administrators have authorization to disable content without notice.

UFSGrid Info
About UFSGrid
Terms of Service (TOS)
Role Play Rules (RPR)
How to buy currency
How to Log in

UFSGrid Role Play Help
Role Play Rules (RPR)
Computer Module
UFSGrid Communications
UFSGrid Mentors
Q Continuum
Import Name
Password Complexity
Getting Started Guide
UFSGrid AdServer Terms of Service
UFSGrid Copyright Information
Featured Regions
UFSGrid Office
UFSGrid Computer Database
Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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